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Research Support Awards and Funding Initiative for Multiracial Democracy

Research Support Awards (RSA) and Funding Initiative for Multiracial Democracy (MRD)

To ensure that Campus Research Board funds are used appropriately, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Awarded funds are to be used only for the approved project.
  • All award expenditures must comply with University and State regulations for account administration, as outlined in the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual
  • PIs are responsible for assuring that their funds are used appropriately and are, therefore, strongly encouraged to work closely with their department/unit business officer.
  • Award funding is available for 18 months.
  • If a deficit balance remains on the CFOP 45 days past the expiration date you will not be eligible to apply for new funding from the Campus Research Board until the deficit is cleared.

Awards Administration Process

CFOP Creation

  • CRB Financial Managers are prompted to enter a 6-digit organization code for each award.
  • OVCR Business Office requests the creation of program/fund codes.
  • University Accounting creates the requested program/fund codes.
  • PIs receive an email asking them to accept responsibility for the award.
  • PIs and CRB Financial Manager(s) receive their unique award CFOP.

CFOP Details

  • CRB program codes have NACUBO Function Code 1180.
  • Departments/units are not permitted to transfer funds to/from a CRB CFOP.
  • Neither permanent nor recurring charges are permitted to use a CRB CFOP.
  • Defaults for P-Card/T-Card transactions or standing purchase orders may not use a CRB CFOP.

Expiration Dates

Awards expire 18 months after the project start date.

  • OVCR Business Office sends email reminders to both PIs and CRB Financial Managers at 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month prior to an award's expiration date.
  • PIs must resolve any deficits in their award CFOP within 45 days of the expiration date.
  • Deficit balances remaining after 45 days may prevent PIs from applying for future CRB awards.
  • Labor distributions on an award CFOP should be effective prior to an award's expiration.
  • Remaining balances on expired awards will be recovered by the Campus Research Board.
  • OVCR Business Office will terminate Program/Fund codes once an award has a zero balance and either the award has expired or consent of the PI has been given.


  • Extensions may be approved for 12 additional months.
  • To be eligible for consideration, an extension request must be requested prior to the project expiration date. Extensions will not be granted after a project has expired.
  • PIs should provide detailed information regarding the need for an extension.
  • Each award may receive only one extension.
  • Extension requests should be emailed to

Questions? Email the Research Board