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For those contemplating new application submissions in the 2021-2022 AY, we intend to proceed with the customary deadlines. (Currently published on Campus Research Board Website. See  Please know that we value your work and will continue supporting research as we move through this unprecedented and extended global health crisis.


Dear Colleagues,

Given the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic and its impact on our campus research enterprise, the OVCRI understands and anticipates that you may need to make necessary adjustments to the research plans approved by the Campus Research Board. We are aware of the many difficulties these extraordinary circumstances present and have made an initial project no-cost extension more easily accessible. 

Please follow the steps below if an extension of the expiration date is needed.

1st extension (automatically assigns 1 year from current expiration date):
Login to:
Select PI/Co-PI
Click on the gear under Actions on the left of the award
Select “One Year Extension” from the drop down menu
Fill in the “Explanation” field
Check the “Extend This Project” box
Click Save

2nd extension:


M. Cynthia Oliver, PhD.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation - Humanities, Arts & Related Fields
Professor | Department of Dance
Faculty Affiliate | Gender & Women's Studies | African American Studies
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Artistic Director, COCo Dance Theatre
Pronouns: she/her /hers

In Support of Illinois Research Excellence

The Campus Research Board supports full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty members' research projects and creative activities.  The Campus Research Board is above all committed to fostering and supporting excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activities.

The Campus Research Board supports faculty research needs through five distinct programs:

  • Research Support Awards
  • Performing Arts & Design Program
  • Humanities Teaching Release Time Program
  • Funding Initiative for Multiracial Democracy
  • Scholars’ Travel Fund

Please note that Campus Research Board funds are not intended to be a source of continuing support for research activities or research facilities.