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Application Information

Application Information

Faculty apply directly to the relevant Campus Research Board program.

Research Support Awards do not need prior review or approval by department heads or deans, while the Humanities Teaching Release Time Program and the Performing Arts & Design Program require an approval form signed by the relevant executive officer/s.

Submitting a Campus Research Board Application

The following tips will help you successfully submit your Campus Research Board application. Please carefully read the information below before you start the submission process.

Work with Your Unit Business Officer
Before submitting, you are strongly encouraged to contact your department’s business officer to review your funding request. Doing so will enable you to budget for any additional costs, confirm the accuracy of figures, and ensure that fringe benefit rates for project personnel are calculated at current rates.

Start from a Locally Saved Document
When completing the written portions of the application (abstract, funding profiles, budget justification), we strongly recommend that you work from a document and then copy/paste text into the application fields. Doing so will ensure that text is not lost should the system time out.

Save Often
There is a “save” option in the upper-right corner of each page of the application. Please be sure to save the information that has been entered on a page before navigating away from, or logging out of, an application in progress.

Check for a Confirmation Number
When an application is submitted, the system will generate a confirmation with an ID number for the proposal.  If this message does not appear on the screen, please email the Campus Research Board or call (217) 333-6771.

A Special Note about Accessibility
If it is not possible to submit your application electronically due to a disability, please contact the Campus Research Board so that we may work with you to provide a means for submission.

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