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Support for Campus Researchers Who are Not Eligible for CRB Funding

Support for Campus Researchers Who are Not Eligible for Campus Research Board Funding

Recognizing the limitations on Campus Research Board funding eligibility, in exceptional cases of special merit, the OVCR is able to consider a small number of research proposals from non-tenure-track Illinois employees on a case-by-case basis. This funding is not associated with the Campus Research Board or its programs.

Employees who wish to develop such proposals should be aware that they will be held to a standard of excellence as high as that required for Campus Research Board funding. Any proposed effort must be uniquely compelling and demonstrate a direct benefit to the campus research enterprise. Approvals for this funding will be at the sole discretion of the VCR.

Employees must develop these proposals with the approval of their supervisor and with the executive officer/s of their academic/administrative unit (in the case of a school, the director should be consulted). In the case of proposals outside the scholarly field of the unit of the employee’s formal appointment, consultation and collaboration with unit executive officer/s of units with scholarly expertise in the area of the proposal are strongly encouraged.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Home unit approval
  • A 1:1 funding match from the home unit (newly allocated matching funds dedicated to the proposed project)
  • Minimum request from OVCR is $5,000 (with additional $5,000 in new dedicated departmental funds) and maximum request is $30,000.
  • Specific, demonstrated experience directly related to the proposed project

Please note that this program is not intended to support maintenance costs or service contracts, IT support or computer equipment, or clerical services.

There are no specific deadline dates and the opportunity will remain available throughout the year barring significant budget cuts that might impact the availability of funding. Before preparing a proposal, please consult with the OVCR by e-mail to, and please indicate “special funding request” in the subject line.