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Scholars' Travel Policies

Scholars' Travel Policies

Internal Discretionary Funds

To ensure the availability of STF support for faculty who most need it, the Campus Research Board will not normally grant STF awards to applicants with ample discretionary funds (e.g., start-up funds, HASS, support associated with administrative or named faculty positions). The Campus Research Board considers $10,000 or more to be ample for assistant professors and $5,000 or more to be ample for all other applicants.  Faculty with discretionary funds above these thresholds will not normally be eligible for STF awards.

Applicants must indicate approximate total of currently available discretionary funding including:
A.) Funds remaining from start-up packages
B.) Allocations from departments or other campus units that support the applicant’s research/creative activities
C.) Funds awarded to support the applicant’s research associated with academic appointments either in administrative positions or in named faculty positions (i.e., endowed chairs or professorships).
D.) Please note:  Do not enter an “N/A” in this field.  Applicants must provide a numerical amount in this field.  Prior to submission applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their department’s business officer to confirm their funding balance.

Exceptions to the discretionary funds threshold policy can be made in cases of clear need and with the support of the department executive officer.  Applicants who wish to be granted an exception to the policy must provide a detailed explanation for why STF support is needed on the application. This should include a description of how all current discretionary funds are otherwise committed. Applicants must download the Executive Officer Exception Form from the online application, complete it, have the department executive officer sign it, and upload it to the application.

Effective July 2016. Recommended by Campus Research Board; Approved by Peter Schiffer, Vice Chancellor for Research